Vaccines are given to children today starting at 12 hours old.  There are many things to consider when deciding to use any medication on your child including family history, risk, and benefit.  Here are some of my posts on vaccination.


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Drop-side Cribs, Penises, and Vaccines


Recently, the Consumer Products Safety Commission banned the use and sale of drop-side cribs in the US.  This certainly doesn’t bother me per se.  I’m all for making any child product safer.  However, this flury of news over the drop-side cribs is just so hypocritical!  This is why; Drop-side Cribs vs. Co-sleeping The CPSC is … Continue reading »

Is Andrew Wakefield a Criminal?

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If you’ve read my posts about vaccination in the past you’ll know that the infamous “MMR causes Autism” is NOT one of my reasons for not vaccinating.  Vaccination may or may not, in conjunction with various other circumstances, contribute to Autism.  Either way there are plenty of other reasons to think twice about vaccination.  However, … Continue reading »

2009: A Year in the Life of a Blogger


Some of my favorite blog highlights from 2009. JANUARY – Erin Brockovich Takes on Gardasil.  This is my most commented on post ever.  I still get comments on this post on the old wordpress blog.  Regardless of how you feel about other vaccines please read about this one. FEBRUARY – A Momma At Last:  Aellyn’s … Continue reading »

Vaccines are Like Seat Belts


“We have seat belt rules,” [Offit] says. “Seat belts save lives. There was never a question about that. The data was absolutely clear. But people didn’t use them until they were required to use them (” Vaccines are like seat belts if seat belts were made of arsenic that *may* or *may not* seep into … Continue reading »


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