Simple Living/Going Green

Simple Living and Green Living go hand in hand for me. Simple living, which focuses on finding happiness in small things and traditional ways of doing things, often results in reducing and reusing as well as using more natural resources such as traditional foods. This results not only in a smaller ecological footprint but a richer life!

simple living

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Wordless Wednesday – More Craftiness


So, I’m sure this is getting old for any of you who read my blog lately but I am continually amazed that I CAN SEW! Whodathunkit?

Felt Play Food – I like to sew after all!


So, I’m not a seamstress.  My mom is amazing.  Like make a wedding dress amazing.  Like she made clothes for her Barbies with kick pleats amazing.  Me not so much.  It is too time consuming and requires too much accuracy.  This is why I would rather cook than bake. Cooking is like art – a …Continue reading »


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