Health and Nutrition

In this section we look at ways to be healthy.  This includes alternative medicine – homeopathy, chiropractic, and meditation – as well as avoiding toxins in our every day environment.


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The Care and Feeding of the Natural Male Penis


No, this isn’t the post where you all learn I’m secretly a porn mogul.  Sorry to disappoint.  (And, Dad, sorry to scare.) My title seemed to fit since I’m only passingly familiar with the Male Penis (Male Penis? Is there another kind? Ok, let’s just go with Penis) in the way that most heterosexual women …Continue reading »

USDAs New Food Pyramid – My Plate – Misses the Mark


Have you seen the USDA’s new take on the Food Pyramid, called My Plate? I certainly think it is better than the pyramid (below top) and the recent sideways pyramid (below bottom) that was indescribably confusing.  The plate in particular is such a good way to visualize healthy eating as it can be implemented easily … Continue reading »

“I Don’t Think of You As Fat!” Raising Size-Accepting Children

POSTED BY  ⋅ MAY 13, 2011 ⋅ 8 COMMENTS

People get very uncomfortable when I refer to myself as “fat.”  I’ve been doing this for years.  I was much thinner when I started and I said it in a way of dissing myself before someone else could.  It wasn’t a very healthy thing.  Now that I’m older, I say it for a much bigger … Continue reading »

A Very Long, Overdue (not-so-sunday-ish) Sunday Surf


I finally caught up in my Reader so I have a long list today!  Here is some of the great stuff I read this week!  You can always see what I’m reading at my Google Reader Public Page. Visit Authentic Parenting and Hobo Mama for more Sunday Surfing! There were so many great posts related to …Continue reading »


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