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Spanking is endemic in the United States and yet illegal in many countries around the world.  Spanking, even in a mild form, has many negative consequences for children, families, and society.

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Gentle Discipline

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Carnival of Gentle Discipline Wrap up


I wonder how many times in the past year I’ve written “oh boy, I’m a horrible blogger”? lol.  Well this time it is needed because I didn’t post here last week to let you all know that the 2nd Annual Carnival of  Gentle Discipline was going on! But why wasn’t it going on here, you … Continue reading »

2nd Annual Carnival of Gentle Discipline Call for Submissions!


Last year’s Carnival of Gentle Discipline was a wonderful success.  Our participants posts were read widely and helped spread the word that there IS another way to parent that is non punitive.  This year, let’s do it again! The 2nd Annual Carnival of Gentle Discipline will take place June 27 through July 1. How can … Continue reading »

May Gentle Discipline Fair

POSTED BY  ⋅ MAY 31, 2010 ⋅ 11 COMMENTS

Welcome to the May Gentle Discipline Fair.  Learn more about the GD Fair here.  Did you see a post (or write one) that should be in this list?  Submit it for next month’s Fair here!  Please read my disclaimers[1. I try to read every post I include in the GD Fair.  ALL of the posts … Continue reading »

Gentle Discipline Index and Sunday Surf

POSTED BY  ⋅ MAY 23, 2010 ⋅ 3 COMMENTS

Before I get started with some amazing reads for today’s Sunday Surf I want to make some announcements regarding the Carnival of Gentle Discipline.  I talked earlier this week about how to continue the cause we started in April.  So here’s the deal: Monthly Gentle Discipline Fair Last Monday of every month (except April and … Continue reading »


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