Science of Parenting

Most of the posts on this blog deal with Attachment Parenting – including co-sleeping, breastfeeding, gentle discipline, and babywearing. This section focuses on the Science of Parenting. What does the research show about these topics? What about the science behind other parenting choices like health issues? That’s what this section is all about!

Science of Parenting

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Attachment Parenting, Attachment Theory, and Being “Attached”


Every few months I think this post – one differentiating the different meanings we use for “attachment” – needs written but then…I get lazy.    Ok, here goes.  In the past two weeks there has been a couple of blogs with interesting discussions that usually come to a halt when it is apparent that everyone …Continue reading »

BVO: What Every Parent Should Know

POSTED BY  ⋅ MAY 24, 2010 ⋅ 1 COMMENT

If you’ve read my previous What Every Parent Should Know posts: Fluoride and BPA, you had probably already heard of those substances. But, BVO? You might have never heard of that but you really need to know about it! What is BVO? BVO stands for Brominated Vegetable Oil.  Bromine atoms are added to the oil … Continue reading »

BPA: What Every Parent Should Know

POSTED BY  ⋅ MAY 15, 2010 ⋅ 2 COMMENTS

You have probably seen the letters BPA on baby products that advertise they are BPA-free.  But, what is BPA, are baby products the only things to worry about, and what can we all do to avoid BPA? What is BPA? BPA stands for bisphenol A.  It is a synthetic, organic compound created in 1891 by …Continue reading »

Cortisol, T-Rex, and Your Baby


This post is part of the 2010 API Principles of Parenting blog carnival, a series of monthly parenting blog carnivals, hosted by API Speaks. Learn more about attachment parenting by visiting the API website. The debate centered around “spoiling” a baby vs. cry-it-out (CIO) extinguishing methods normally focuses on parental life style.  Even when framed in an … Continue reading »


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