The Need for Creativity

This weekend my mom used a roll of old wall paper that she bought or a dollar at the thrift store to re-line her pantry shelves.

She did this while her house was full of family and kids and while making dinner and cleaning. We teased her mercilessly about it because that is how my family rolls. 😉

She said something very true: “decorating my house is how I’m creative.”

How true! I paint and sew. My mom decorates. My house looks like a tornado hit it with a craft supply store. Hers looks like the pages of a magazine. And both are the signs of us living our creativity.

6a011570601a80970b01538dee9231970bI didn’t do that much creative for years. I was busy getting graduate degrees (and writing papers became my only creative outlet) and working on my career. Once I had kids I suddenly had this URGE to sew and cook. Later this turned into painting and drawing. Now I can’t imagine life without creating.

It relieves stress and is like meditation. The popularity of “adult” coloring books testifies to our need for creation.

How do you feed the need to be creative?


One thought on “The Need for Creativity

  1. Paige (and others),
    I know this is a very old blog, but it is the one I keep coming back to as we make our decision about trying an FET while nursing a two-year old. I am so worried about the medicine affecting her. I was able to convince our doctor to omit the estrogen from my protocol since my lining has always been fine. I wanted to do an all natural FET, but natural to my doctor still means three kinds of progesterone. I took progesterone in oil for five days before the FET and had the transfer yesterday. I am now second guessing the amount of progesterone they want me to take as my progesterone levels at transfer were above 60. I just feel that is plenty high and I could back off a little. If I explain that I want to back off the meds to them because of nursing, they just say it is fine. But, my ped office said the progesterone was not completely safe. Anyway, I am wondering how much progesterone you guys were asked to take between the FET and the pregnancy test. They want me to take 200mg orally, 300mg vaginally, and continue the PIO every other day for three days. It seems like overkill.
    I think I am just so worried being right in the middle of everything.


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