We’re Fulltime RVers!

It is friday morning and I’m typing this from the dinette table in our camper. The kids and Pete are exploring the woods behind our site while I clean up a traditional camp breakfast.

I’m in heaven!

Yesterday was not easy. It is beyond muddy here – like Ohio right now makes Dagoba look like paradise. The truck we hired to move the RV (because we haven’t upgraded our minivan to a truck yet) got stuck in my sister’s yard. We had to ask a neighbor with a tractor (god bless the country!) to get it out. In all it took 3 hours!!


Here are some more outrageous pics of getting the RV out of the yard.

But, we finally made it! We also had an easy time with the kids sleeping in their own beds. My kids have slept in our bed since birth so I was concerned it might be an issue but…really, we’re like 10 ft. away from them!

The covers on one of the skylights blew off at some point in the trip yesterday. So, last night, IN THE DARK I climbed on top of the van and used a long stick to position a tarp over the opening and hold it down with rocks. Yay for DIY!

Here’s our official launch video!



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