Sound of a Mexican Bola Pregnancy Charm (also called a Harmony Ball)

I am just listing this beautiful Mexican Bola in my shop and I wanted to have a place where people could hear its gentle chime.  This was taken with an iPhone held close to the charm as I walked across the room so not exactly high fidelity but just a sample!

[haiku url=”″ title=”Mexican Bola Chime”]

Pregnant women in Mexico – where they are called Bolas – and Bali – where they are called harmony balls or angel callers – have been wearing these beautiful necklaces for centuries. Not only are they beautiful but they emit a soft, melodic chime while you move. Worn starting at 16 weeks pregnant it is thought that the sound is soothing to the baby and that the baby will continue to be soothed after birth by the delicate sound.

This is strung on a 20″ drop necklace (20″ from neck to pendant, 40″ of chain) so it hangs low but above the belly button. It continues to make a stunning statement after pregnancy.


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