Come Visit the NEW Baby Dust Boutique + SALE!

Hello readers!  Thanks so much for always visiting my blog and saying hi through the years!

If you’ll remember I started an Etsy shop a few years ago with stuffed animals and some baby items.  It was fun but never really went anywhere.  This year one of my new year’s resolutions was to be a stronger voice for infertility.

Hmmm, maybe these two things could go together?  I’d always wanted mother’s jewelry that honored my kids’ unique entry into this world.  My IVF miracle and Snowflake babies!  Out of this the NEW and IMPROVED Baby Dust Boutique was born!

I have all things Infertility, IVF baby, and Pregnancy After Infertility related.  Most importantly I have mother’s jewelry with a twist for alternative family building!

Get a good luck vial of baby dust.

Or a greeting card for an infertile friend (they are so funny!)

Or a mother’s necklace with a snowflake for your FET babies or a ribbon for your rainbow baby.

Check out some of the great stuff:


Best yet, to thank everyone for checking out my new shop I’m offering

20% off EVERYTHING- no code needed, everything is already marked down

now through Saturday! Think about Mother’s Day which seems SO FAR off but is really right around the corner! Most items are custom so order early!


I'd love to hear your comments or questions!

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