Tiny Penis

Conversation with 3 year old:

Aellyn: Mommy I have a tiny penis!
Me: You do?
Aellyn: yeah, look! (shows me her clitoris)
Me: I see. That’s called a clitoris.
Aellyn: Yeah!! My clitoris penis!

Aellyn: My boobs are going to get big!
Me: that’s right they will when you’re older. They’ll get big like mommy’s.
Aellyn: yeah! (grabs my boob) they’re big!
Me: do you know why girls get big boobies? To feed babies.
Aellyn: Yeah, like the boys drink mommy’s boobie milk.
Me: yep. That’s what boobies are for.

Sigh. Parenting is fun.


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