Mamatography: Week #5


I’m participating this year in the Mamatography Project hosted by Diary of a First Child.  I always thought picture-a-day things were cool but not for me.  I can’t remember to do anything once a day!  Then I thought about just doing it with my iPhone – it takes decent pictures and it is ALWAYS with me!  I actually post my pictures on Instagram so you can always see there (and join me!) or on Facebook or Twitter.


I have A LOT of pics this week because the boys took their first solo baths (I usually bathe with them).  Some of these pics were not taken by me!  Yes, my daughter took a bunch and I made a tiny collage of them.  (shhh, we got her a camera for her birthday next week!)

(click to view larger in lightbox:

Aellyn at the zoo today on a balmy January day (53 degrees!)    

Colorful toys at the WIC office    

This is a selection of pictures that my not-yet-three-year-old took today. Overall I was so impressed the photos were not random but quite deliberate.    

Butt in the air? Check. Hands between the legs? Check. Killing me with cute? Double check.    

Greige is the new black    

Asher ate blue play dough!    

Deep in imaginative play on my newly reupholstered dinning chair.    

Boston meets broccoli    

Here’s ash’s    

I got the boys these puffy vests. Not something I would normally buy but they were $4 and cute!    

Chocolate face    

Riding the train at bru    

Last one I promise! I love being mommy to these three angels!    

Boston doesn’t know how he feels about sister kisses    

Look at all those teeth!!    

My girl    

So close to crawling!    

So cute! My boys are 11 months old! Can you believe it!?!?    

Yes my daughter rarely has clothes on!    

I love the boys interacting with each other more

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