Mamatography: Week #4


I’m participating this year in the Mamatography Project hosted by Diary of a First Child.  I always thought picture-a-day things were cool but not for me.  I can’t remember to do anything once a day!  Then I thought about just doing it with my iPhone – it takes decent pictures and it is ALWAYS with me!  I actually post my pictures on Instagram so you can always see there (and join me!) or on Facebook or Twitter.


Since last week I was protesting SOPA this week there are two weeks worth of pictures!

Babies are so much cuter in a hat!    

Sleeping angel    

Crazy hair!    

I don’t know why I bother to paint my nails when they’re chipped within 8 hours    

Boston sleeps right next to me so this is what always greets me! 🙂    


Licking the brownie spoon in her “I’m the star of mommy’s blog” tshirt (available at )    

I just never get tired of this.    

Help! Asher has a rash help me identify it. He is not hot and maybe a little fussier but not too much.    

Butt in the air and striped baby legs accentuating thigh girth. Nom.    

Lion and zebra and butt!    

Making waves!    

Bath time!    

I don’t want no French toast mom!    

Boston’s first French toast!    

She had a big day! First time at Sunday school and then running around with her cousins at a baby shower    

Went to a baby shower today and Ash fell asleep in my cousins arms    

Mobi light dressed up with vacuum attachments    

Post-Christmas clearance Santa hat of awesomeness on Boston    

New fridge. Take good look as this is the cleanest it will ever be.    

Last one. My pink marshmallow.    

She’s playing by herself in the fenced back yard do I can stay inside with the boys. Such a big girl!    

Lots of snow today!    

Put your hands in the air and wave ’em like ya just don’t care. #twins    

Aellyn says I have “boo” eyes like grandma    

Me with dark hair    

A bed time photo shoot is becoming a tradition. 3 yo don’t understand “1 more”    

My Phoenix tattoo    

My Asher

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