Sh*t Fat Phobic People Say

I don’t know if you’ve seen this meme lighting up YouTube.  I’m not sure where it started but it consists of videos called “Shit x say to y” where x and y are opposite groups.  E.g. Things White Chicks Say To Black Chicks.  There were a few called Things Fat Girls say that were full of hungry, snack munching, lonely fat chicks.  I thought it needed an answer!

Here is my submission!  Sh*t Fat Phobic People Say.  I was originally going to have a conversation between a fat girl and a skinny girl but the program I used had not a single fat body to choose from!  Notice the title is not what “skinny chicks” say because I’m not trying to stereotype; I’m trying to break down stereotypes.

How many inaccuracies can you spot?

[youtube_sc url=dls1sIfj_Sc width=630]


One thought on “Sh*t Fat Phobic People Say

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