Mamatography: Week #2


I’m participating this year in the Mamatography Project hosted by Diary of a First Child.  I always thought picture-a-day things were cool but not for me.  I can’t remember to do anything once a day!  Then I thought about just doing it with my iPhone – it takes decent pictures and it is ALWAYS with me!  I actually post my pictures on Instagram so you can always see there (and join me!) or on Facebook or Twitter.


Nightly “mommy take my picture” picture    

Boston (l) and Asher (r) had dinner at the table with us (in prince lionheart “bumbo” style seats)    

Boston and daddy    

Asher and grandma (and podee bottle)    

How much gas $5 gets you    

This is what I’m cuddling up against right now. Sigh.    

Asher likes the LED lights    

Aellyn has entered a clumsy phase! 3 bonks on the head in two days.    

I made Greek yogurt from regular plain yogurt – 1/2 the price!    

Ok I’ll admit it. I’m a little obsessed with taking pics of my sleeping bambinos.    

Oh how life changes when your toddler learns to open the fridge.    

Family bed – full of cute!    

Oh my a new photo toy! Thanks @goodgoogs    

Ash sleeps with his butt in the air like I did as a baby

11 thoughts on “Mamatography: Week #2

  1. Oh, my! Love the sleeping photos (twins in bed). Love the eating photo (twins at table)… so much tenderness. You have a great eye for 'interesting moments', if that makes sense – your photos really tell a story and let us in on the action. I love it.

    How are you processing the photos, is it an ap or you doing it on PhotoShop? 🙂

    My recent post Our week in pictures: 366/week 2


    • Ok this is embarrassing and all privilaged and stuff but here it is: if my house were on fire and I had already seen to the safety of my hubbie and kids the next thing and maybe only thing I'd care to save is my iPhone! Seriously I'm in love with the thing!


  2. Oh the sleeping babies…they are so freakin' cute!

    So far my toddler enjoys shutting the fridge any time we open it…not so looking forward to the day she figures out how to open it herself! 🙂


  3. Great pics! I think that sleeping children are so amazing to parents because, even after a really tough day with them, just one look at them all snuggled in bed makes even the worst day a good one. And toddlers opening the fridge can be a tough one. They love having the ability to do something that all of the grown ups can do. My little guy has dumped so much milk on the floor by trying to lift the heavy gallon out by himself and dropping it. (Bonus: I've learned not to cry over spilled milk!)

    Can't wait to see what you link up this Wednesday!
    My recent post Teaching Children Critical Thinking Skills


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