Spanish for Mommies: Common Commands and Questions

Have you been using any Spanish endearments?  In the second installation of my Spanish for Mommies series I’m going to share some common commands you might use during your day.  Now these are commands in the linguistic sense not in the control-based-parenting manner.  Please read about gentle parenting for why being commanding doesn’t work.

Here are some common commands you probably say every day to your kids and their Spanish translation:

[box]cuidado – be careful.  kwee DAH doe

lávese las manos – wash your hands.  LA vay say   las  MAHN ohs
por favor – please. pour fahvOR
¿hambre? – are you hungry? ham bray
se come – eat. say CO may
sentarse a la mesa- sit down (at the table) or just sentarse.  sen TAR say ah lah MAYsuh
siesta – naptime. see EST uh
¿cambiar su pañal? – change your diaper. cam bee are sue pan yal
amamantar – breastfeed. uh MAH men tar
¿tienes que ir al baño? – do you have to go to the bathroom?tee EN ayes kay ear al ban yo
vamos a jugar – let’s play.  vah mose ah who GAR
¿tomar un baño? – take a bath?  TOE mar oon BAN yo
dormirse – go to sleep. door MEER say


I use cuidado a lot and se come.  Many times I just use the nouns such as “do you want to take a baño?   And since “baño” means bathroom – bath and “potty” – a bathtub is bañero and a toilet is inodoro.
Pick one or two and try them out!
If you started using these or the terms of endearment, I’d love to hear how it is going!



I'd love to hear your comments or questions!

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