Mamatography! Week #1

I’m participating this year in the Mamatography Project hosted by Diary of a First Child.  I always thought picture-a-day things were cool but not for me.  I can’t remember to do anything once a day!  Then I thought about just doing it with my iPhone – it takes decent pictures and it is ALWAYS with me!  I actually post my pictures on Instagram so you can always see there (and join me!) or on Facebook or Twitter.


And of course post-fun cocoa!   

First snow angel   

Sliding down the “mountain”   

First snow play of the year!   

Omg they made a kids plate for the horrible myplate “food pyramid” my thoughts:   

Red and blue make purple   

First time fingerprinting   

“I rolled myself over here and got my head stuck under the table.”   

Finally, in sleep I can get a pic of the two front teeth on Bean!   

Asher woke up apparently he wants to watch new years rockin eve   



5 thoughts on “Mamatography! Week #1

  1. Gorgeous pics! There's just something about babies in Amber necklaces that I think is so very cute! Looking forward to your year in pictures – these are definitely a GREAT start!


  2. Oh, my!! So much to love here: the snow photos are fab… but the sleep photo is THE BEST!! So fun. Looking forward to seeing what happens next. Yay!


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