Reflections for 2012

I love New Year’s Resolutions.  It is such a wonderful time of year for self reflection and goal setting.  This year I am wonderfully beginning my life as a SAHM and I’m so excited to live what I feel is my authentic calling.  After all the sadness of infertility, the difficulties with my pregnancies, being in a wonderful job with a horrible boss – in 2012 I’ll be doing the most important work in the world: raising the next generation.  I’m just…fricking giddy!

So, this year, my thoughts were much more philosophical than concrete.  I wanted a theme for 2012.  Then I came across this article about Regrets of the Dying. It came at a time when I was facing the terminal illness of my own grandma (who passed away in December the day before her 64th wedding anniversary) and a huge overhaul in my life with quitting my job, a decision that was met with incredulity at best and outright anger by many.

Then, at the begining of December I serendipitously picked up the book Radical Homemakers by Shannon Hayes.  And I mean I was on my way out of the Library and it caught my eye and I picked it up without reading the back – that kind of serendipity.  This book called to me.  Here was someone who understood giving up a high-salaried, prestigious job for something more.

So, without further ado, here are my 5 goals for 2012 directly from the Regrets of the Dying:

  1. I will have the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expect of me.
  2. I will not let the pursuit of stuff make me a slave to money.
  3.  I will never again censor myself on this blog.  I will talk from the heart even if the topic is not popular.
  4.  I will nurture my friendships that feed my soul and stop spending time on those who are toxic.
  5. I will let myself feel happiness.

I have some more concrete things like “make my own bread consistently” and I’ll be sharing them as the year goes on but this will be my mantra for the year.

What are your reflections for 2012?  If you have a minute, go read Practical OH Mommy’s New Year’s gift – a post on finding your values for the coming year.


4 thoughts on “Reflections for 2012

  1. I read your post and felt like we were kindred spirits (though I am still at the point of working full time) 😉
    Congratulations on making such a radical and obviously welcome decision for your life. What a great adventure to embark on. And you sound like you are on the right path by the resolutions you've chosen. I will have to look into that book – thanks for the recommendation.
    My recent post Self Portraits


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