Make Your Own “Vicks” Chest Rub

20111226-205642.jpgIt is so easy to make a safe and natural chest rub you’ll wonder why you haven’t been doing it all along! Maybe you’d rather boycott Procter and Gamble or you don’t like that Vicks is made with petroleum jelly. Or, maybe you just want to save some money. Whatever your reason making a rub that soothes and opens your airways is super easy. I’ve seen recipes online that we’re a little more complicated but I use this simple method and love it.

Take 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and mix 10 drops if eucalyptus essential oil in. Add more eucalyptus a few drops at a time until you get the desired strength. I make small batches like in the picture above then I can make it stronger for me or a little weaker for the kids.

To use just take a dab and rub onto the chest. It will liquefy and rub in unlike the jelly-like Vicks. If you are concerned about your child’s skin sensitivity to the eucalyptus then do a small spot test and wait 24 hours. We’ve never had a problem here. Alternatively, you can put some on a cloth and lay it over baby’s chest.

I also love to use this on my temples for headaches.

You have coconut oil in your kitchen, right? If not you should have this miracle product which I’ll write more about in January. You can get it in any grocery store with the specialty oils. Always get organic virgin oil that is expeller pressed.


2 thoughts on “Make Your Own “Vicks” Chest Rub

    • Great question. This will last a really long time. Since the essential oil is not water based it will store perfectly at room temperature. Anything with a lid but I prefer glass.


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