30 Days of Thanks

I started doing one a day but it got to be too much.  So here’s my list of what I’m thankful for this year (in no particular order):

I am thankful for;

  1. My wonderful husband who dares to think outside society’s box to create the life we want. Sometimes going against the grain is an act of sheer heroism.
  2. The Partnership for Families that funded our IVF and FET when all hope seemed lost.
  3. My beautiful daughter, Aellyn.  Sometimes I look at her and I can already see the caring and wonderful adult she’ll be.  Other times I can’t fathom the complexity of human spirit that she is.
  4. Dr. Nina Desai who took such good care of my boys when they were in their frozen nursery for 2 years (and who still watches over our remaining baby embryo).
  5. That my parents happily let my toddler visit for the weekend!
  6. Honeycrisp apples!
  7. Asher, my chubby, pale-skinned, green/gray eyed baby boy who is so boisterous!
  8. My sister, Mandi, for holding my hand until I fell asleep.
  9. My gma Akers for letting me put the “x” in the peanut butter cookies.
  10. Netflix – for letting me show children’s programming to my kids without multi-million dollar advertising to melt her brain.  (oh, and thanks for Vampire Diaries too).
  11. Team Edward because Team Jacob is just so lame.
  12. My Mom for “only” wanting to be a mother.
  13. Karen Marie Moning.
  14. My iPhone.
  15. My college degrees.
  16. Devon for being the friend who cared enough to call.
  17. Ceiba and Gaige – my Goddaughter and her brother (my godson-in-law?).  It is so fun watching you grow!
  18. Boston, my sensitive boy who makes me hear the angels sing when he giggles.
  19. My Kitchenaid mixer, food processor, and dishwasher.  How did I live before thee?
  20. Firefly. Greatest. Show. Ever.
  21. My blog – for being my constant companion for 6 years through the ups and the downs (and the million costume changes).
  22. My Dad for overcoming insurmountable obstacles and being a great father.
  23. AOL chat.  You know why 😉
  24. Gpa Akers for all the sugar.
  25. Jennifer, for always lending an ear.
  26. Naps.  If you were an olympic event I’d be on a Wheaties box.
  27. Dr. Cynthia Austin for saying we should apply for a grant before giving up on biological parenthood.
  28. All my fellow parenting and infertility bloggers.  You are like my best friends even though I’ve never met you.  Thanks for letting me into your life.
  29. Myself.  I am a wonderful person because I’m kind, empathetic, and friendly. I’m also smart, snarky, and passionately argumentative.  I’m overly sensitive and thin-skinned.  I’m emotional.  I’m always late. I’m horrible with money.  I’m impulsive.  I love with my whole heart.  I give change to panhandlers.  I cry at commercials and sing out loud in my car.  I’m a believer and a faith-haver in me and you and us and He.  I’m an optimist and a dreamer.  I am beautiful inside and out.  I am powerful.
  30. God.  For so richly blessing me every day in every way continually.

What are you thankful for?


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