Babies in a Pumpkin! (Wordlessish Wednesday)

Ok, I’m not one to thrust a crying child into Santa’s arms for a photo op.  I think it is cruel and just anihlates any attempt to teach kids that they should trust their feelings about strangers.  BUT, I will hang my head and admit I put my babies into cold, wet pumpkins for a photo op.  As you can see they weren’t thrilled.  My bad.  But damn is it cute!


5 thoughts on “Babies in a Pumpkin! (Wordlessish Wednesday)

  1. After discovering your blog through the breastfeeding and IVF post, I went looking through your blog and I’m very glad to discover that not only your treatments seem to have worked but you have two gorgeous babies from them! Congratulations and have fun being a SAHM (*envy*) !


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