A Big Announcement

No, I’m not pregnant!  Infertile, remember???  You’d know if I was going through treatment.

This is just as exciting, scary, and life changing.

Today is my first day as a Stay at Home Mom (SAHM)!!!

I can’t say that the circumstances are the best.  The situation at work has been negatively affecting my health since last October and was only getting worse each day.  We aren’t in the best place financially since we were waiting for Pete to replace my job before I quit.  But, I think time will show it to be the best thing that ever happened to us.

For now, I have to push the worry aside an embrace this most important of jobs for which I was born.  Raising my 3 beautiful kids!  It is also a great opportunity to make some changes in my life (the stress at work precluded taking on any big projects; I was just scrapping by).  For now, I’m trying to kick my Dr. Pepper habit and I’m trying out the Oil Cleaning Method (OCM) and No-poo so stay tuned for all the gory details!


4 thoughts on “A Big Announcement

  1. Good for you for getting out of a bad situation.

    I’ve been doing no-poo for 6+ years now. My hair has been very grateful for it! Oh yeah, and for BAQ (body art quality) henna too!

    I don’t know if this will help you with the soda habit, but I’m weak when it comes to sugar in general. When I oil pull everyday, I don’t even feel any cravings for it and don’t have to convince myself not to touch the soda. Read up on oil pulling sometime. It’s been awesome for my family.


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