Carnival of Gentle Discipline Wrap up

I wonder how many times in the past year I’ve written “oh boy, I’m a horrible blogger”? lol.  Well this time it is needed because I didn’t post here last week to let you all know that the 2nd Annual Carnival of  Gentle Discipline was going on!

But why wasn’t it going on here, you ask?  Well, I’m proud to announce that I launched a new website in honor of the carnival called Parenting Gently!  This new site is a community peer support forum where parents can ask their gentle-minded questions and get answers from other parents that have wisdom to share.  My impetus for this was all the great Q and A I see on Facebook every day.  There is some great peer-to-peer gentle discipline mentoring going on out there but after a few days it is gone!  Facebook doesn’t archive threads so that parents with similar questions in the future can find the information.  This was kind of a mash up of my professional life (where I specialize in knowledge management) and my parenting life where I’m passionate about gentle parenting.

You should definitely go check it out.  Read the blog to find all of last week’s great posts and read the answer board for current parenting conundrums.

On a selfish note – while I hope that Parenting Gently becomes a great resource for spreading the gentle parenting word, I’m also excited to have my blog back.  I have for some time felt this ‘voice’ inside me demanding to become a spokesperson for gentle parenting and my personal blog didn’t seem to be the right place.  Of course, I’ll talk about specific situations related to my kids but I didn’t want to primarily write about gentle discipline.  You see I fear that I could undermine someone’s views of gentle discipline if they happen to not agree with something else I write – like vaccines or homeschooling.  Those clearly are not required for gentle parenting and I didn’t want them to derail my talk of gentle discipline.  Now I can give my voice free reign about gentle discipline over on Parenting Gently and still write “Why McCain is a Douchebag” over here.  (lol, I have no such post planned but really wanted to write that!)

With that in mind I have a series of posts planned on vaccine legislation, homeschooling 101, and on parenting after infertility!  I’m so looking forward to it and I hope you’ll join me1



One thought on “Carnival of Gentle Discipline Wrap up

  1. The McCain remark is a bit over the top. I didn’t want him for president but he is a great american hero i think douchebag is unfair. However Sarah Palin on the other hand is a douchebag. I always love reading your post allthough i may not totaly agree about all the gentle disipline stuff i’m very proud of the way you and Pete are raising my grandkids, Aellyn is the most well adjusted toddler i’ve every seen, the jury is still out on the boys.


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