Happy (Gestational) Birthday Boys!

Today was my due date.  My boys are 7 weeks and 1 day old chronologically but for size and development comparisons this date will be important.  They start at zero today.  They certainly act like newborns and not (nearly) 2 month olds.  They are gaining weight really well and just a constant joy!  My biggest disappointment is that they aren’t nursing yet – I’m exclusively pumping – but I hope my perseverance will pay off!


Cuddling in the pink bouncy seat (Boston left, Asher right)


The only time we've dressed them the same so far (at Grandma's request) - Boston left (Al Bundy style), Asher right


2 thoughts on “Happy (Gestational) Birthday Boys!

  1. Hang in there with the breastfeeding! It took my son two months to figure it out , and he was born only one week early. They can figure it out, even if you don’t start right off (and if you think about it, had they been born on time, they would have even started breastfeeding till about now, anyway, right?). Good luck!


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