Sunday Surf

I’ve been starting to feel better here this week.  The meds help me not throw up which is wonderful (I HATE to throw up) but they also make me very tired.  I really have, for the first time, a drive to bounce back so I think that must mean I’m feeling better.  Or, it just means I’m so SICK of being sick that I’m forcing my head above water.  So, this won’t really be a true Sunday Surf because I still haven’t cracked open my Google Reader but I did find a really moving article on FB that I wanted to share.  You can always see what I’m reading at my Google Reader Public Page and visit Authentic Parenting and Hobo Mama for more Sunday Surfing!

You just broke your child. Congratulations.

This wonderful post was written by Dan at Single Dad Laughing and is a call to dads to realize the extreme importance they play in their child’s life.  It is really hard to pull out a single quote because the article is full of gems but I particularly loved this,

Dads. Do you not realize that a child is what you tell them they are? That people almost always become what they are labeled?  Was whatever your child just did really the “dumbest thing you’ve ever seen somebody do”? Was it really the “most ridiculous thing they ever could have done”? Do you really believe that your child is an idiot? Because she now does. Think about that. Because you said it, she now believes it. Bravo.

This is really such good advice for all parents – mothers and fathers.  I know that parenting can be frustrating and that everyone has a bad day but if you just remind yourself how infinitely important the words you choose to say and the attitude you convey is to your child maybe you can avoid your anger.


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