Tale of 2 Heartbeats

That’s right, TWO heartbeats!  We are having twins!  I’m sooooo excited and am so blessed!  A decade of barrenness and now a bloom of family!  I’m reading and learning so much about twin pregnancy which is SO different from singleton pregnancy advice so I’ll post more soon.  I go back again on Friday for another u/s because baby B was difficult to measure.  I’ll post pics and more information!  Thank you God!


10 thoughts on “Tale of 2 Heartbeats

    • May I wish you a heartfelt congratulations! I obviously don’t know you but, I am so happy for you and your family, I even shed a tear of joy (seriously, Im soppy like that lol). I’ll be following your news. Again, congrats!


  1. Wow, congratulations, double-blessed!!

    Now I am excited to find out the genders…are you going to find out before the births?

    May all continue to go well with your pregnancy.


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