Dear Snowflakes,

You know I’ve written to you before when we were trying to get the Partnership for Families Grant for IVF but I wanted to write to you again on this momentous day.

Today the wonderful embryologists will be taking you out of your protective cryopreservation state so you can start growing again and come home to me.  Your life is so precious and I hope I’ve been a good steward of it in keeping you frozen until now.  What a journey you’ve already been on!  It is like science fiction when you think of it – you are 2 years and 2 months old already and have done things most people never have.  What a miracle God has given us in this science and technology of reproduction.

I can’t wait for you to meet your big sister.  She is pure joy.  The other day in the supermarket a complete stranger commented on what “a big personality” she has!  lol.  That’s and understatement!  She is so outgoing and always wearing a smile.  You will love her just like I love my sister, your Aunt Mandi.

Speaking of Aunt Mandi – she and your grandma and grandpa are anxiously awaiting meeting you after your ice age too!  They are wonderful grandparents (despite the NECCO addiction grandpa causes in your big sister) and will spoil you rotten, but in a good way.

Your daddy.  Oh is he an amazing man.  He quit his job to stay home and be a full-time parent to your sister and he’ll be there for you too.   He is a real hands on, diaper changing daddy.  Of course, he plays way too rough which normally stops my heart but I’m sure you’ll love it like Aellyn does.  He watches too much TV but no one can parallel him in knowledge of movies.  I know he can’t wait to show you all the amazing movies he loves (although I must insist he waits until later to introduce you to the underground Italian horror genre!).

And then there is me.  My heart is in my throat today because I’m not there with you.  I have to trust God to take care of you and to guide the hands of the lab people handling you today.  I’m praying they handle you with the utmost care and take their time in thawing you so you will grow wonderfully.  I have a warm place for you to come home to.  My heart swells with love for you, my beautiful babies.

See you Friday,



10 thoughts on “Dear Snowflakes,

  1. I can’t wait to addict Peter Charles Stannard IV or Isla Grace to NECCO’S. Soon Aellyn will have some competition for NECCO’S I’ll have to lay in a big supply because i can’t deny.
    Great letter. i’m sure everything is going to work out. Good luck. we’ll see you on Saturday.


  2. I cry when I read your wonderful thoughts. I think God has sent (because I asked him to) a legion of angels to warm your babies and guide the hands caring for them. They are on their way home and have angels for guides. They are in good hands. And each of you (Mommy, Daddy, and Aellyn) have an angels arms around you.
    Love and best wishes have never been so heart felt as these, Mom


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