FET #1: CD1 – I'm Officially PUPO

Well, CD1 is finally here and I took my first three estrace pills in preparation for my FET.  That means I’m officially PUPO!  For those of you not in the know – PUPO is Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise.  Since, if when my FET is successful, this would be the calculated Day 1 of my pregnancy.  That means, if when my FET is successful, my due date would be:  April 19, 2011.

I’m generally excited and hopeful about this FET.  My biggest fear is that none of my snowflakes survive thaw.  That would just break my heart.  I’m going to start doing my meditation CDs this evening because it really helped me feel positive last time during my IVF.

On another note, I’m trying my PinkCup for the first time.  Thanks to HoboMama for the great review and nudge to give it a try.  I’m really liking it so far once you get rid of that horrible stem.  ouch.  Here’s to hoping that I don’t get to try it for another 18ish months!


7 thoughts on “FET #1: CD1 – I'm Officially PUPO

  1. Good luck! I hadn’t heard it called that, it’s so exciting when you are actually doing a cycle. I’m thinking lots of positive thoughts on the thaw.

    I love my cup, I couldn’t go back to using pads or tampons again.


  2. Oooh how exciting!!! I love calling it that (I’d never heard that before, even though I’ve been through the “joys” of IF-I wish I’d come across it sooner! LOL!).

    Sending you lots of positive, babydust, sticky vibes!!!


  3. Congrats! Such an exciting journey to go on again. Hope it all goes smoothly! I loved doing meditation during my pregnancy and birth; I’m glad to hear of someone else it helps. I love that you have something specific for IVF.

    My cousin just had twins — a little early, but everyone’s doing fine — and both they and her older boy are from IVF. Let’s hope that’s you in April. 🙂 (With or without the twins part — your dream, your call!)


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