Alzheimer’s Sucks

Today my Grandmother looked me in the eye for the first time and had no idea who I was.

That is it.


2 thoughts on “Alzheimer’s Sucks

  1. It can be very difficult to no longer have a history with a loved one. When they no longer remember who you are it can be painful. However it does allow you a unique perspective. Often their short term memory is gone, but long term is there clearer then ever. The stories you can hear now could be much more detailed then at any other time.

    It also allows you the opportunity to introduce yourself and bring a smile to her face in a way that you as her granddaughter might not be able to.

    It is painful. But try to remember it isn’t personal, and if you don’t let the road block of forgetfulness stop you from trying to befriend her, then you can still have a wonderful relationship during this difficult time.

    I have worked as a nurse in medicine and long term care and have seen many family approach this in many different ways. My own grandfather once sat and talked about the weather with my dad (his son), then politely showed him the door. It hurt my dad deeply, but he never tried to do anything other than wait for some form of recognition. If he’d sat down and asked about my granddad’s day, or what he liked to do then they’d have had a much better visit. My granddad still loved to talk and share his stories for may years before he died. As do many people who have Alzheimers or other forms of dementia.

    Sorry to hear you are going through this.


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