Constance Marie Speaks Out About Her Infertility Journey

I’m always happy to see celebrities admit and share their fertility treatment journey.  I think it does a huge disservice, and I’m not naming any names, to all infertile women when some pretend they naturally conceived.  Constance Marie (from The George Lopez Show) talks candidly about her journey including many things we’ll all recognize: HSG, Clomid, IUI, miscarriages, IVF.  It was finally her FET that brought her daughter Luna.

I love the way she describes ICSI;

“They would take my egg and thin the outer layer — because it had grown hard and bitchy over my 38+ years — and Kent’s sperm and introduce them to one another. When they weren’t looking, they’d SHOVE them together!”

On her personal blog she also details some of the things she did that she feels contributed to her fertility success.  She detoxed by avoiding BPA-containing plastics, cut out fish and caffeine, and did a bowel cleanse.

She also did Acupuncture and practiced safe cell phone use.  Cell phone use is one I hadn’t thought about but the FCC has some guidelines on safe cell phone use:

  • Use an earpiece or headset. While wired earpieces may conduct some energy to the head and wireless earpieces also emit a small amount of RF energy, both wired and wireless earpieces remove the greatest source of RF energy from proximity to the head and thus can greatly reduce total exposure to the head. Avoid continually wearing a wireless earpiece when not in use.
  • If possible, keep wireless devices away from your body when they are on, mainly by not attaching them to belts or carrying them in pockets.
  • Use the cell phone speaker to reduce exposure to the head.
  • Consider texting rather than talking, but don’t text while you are driving.
  • Buy a wireless device with lower SAR. The FCC does not require manufacturers to disclose the RF exposure from their devices. Many manufacturers, however, voluntarily provide SAR values. You can find links to manufacturer Web sites providing these SAR values on the FCC’s Web site at Note that the variation in SAR from one mobile device to the next is relatively small compared to the reduction that can be achieved by using an earpiece or headset.
  • Read more about cell phone safety from Mercola and here from the FDA.

Kudos to Constance Marie for sharing her story and congratulation on her beautiful daughter!


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