Come Home, Snowflakes, Come Home

Last Friday I had planned a Big Announcement but I was thwarted by this.  So, here goes…

We are doing our first Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) in July!

We considered keeping it secret so we could surprise everyone if we get pregnant.  However, I really need all of your prayers, positive thoughts, and support.  It really means so much to me and I can’t imagine going through this without all of you.  Yes, you.  If you are reading this then you are part of my FET team.  Welcome! 🙂

What does a FET entail?  Here is our protocol:

In July when I get AF[1. Aunt Flo, aka my period] I start taking estrace pills.  This is estrogen which will prime the lining of my uterus for a baby.  10-12 days later I’ll have an ultrasound to check my lining and if all is good they’ll thaw our 2 day-3 cleavage-stage embryos and let them grow for 2 more days before transfer.  If one or both don’t survive they’ll thaw our day-5 blastocyst the morning of the transfer (blasts don’t need to grow prior to transfer).  Some time around the transfer I’ll begin Progesterone-in-oil (PIO) – those HUGE needles, remember those?  That just helps maintain pregnancy through implantation.  If I get pregnant I’ll keep doing the PIO until 10 to 12 weeks.  At transfer I also take a run of Medrol (a steroid) and Tetracycline.  12 days after transfer I go in for a beta HCG test.

The thaw survival rate is about 70%.  The pregnancy rate is basically just under 50/50.  That’s average across all diagnoses.

I’m excited, scared, anxious, afraid, confused.  I want to give Aellyn a sibling.  I want to bring at least one of my snowflakes home.  I feel like it is too much to ask.  But I ask.  I fear that a negative result will plunge me into depression.  I hope that it won’t.  I’m so beyond blessed to have Aellyn.  I don’t feel our family is complete.  I hope it isn’t.  I hope if it is I can adjust and cope.

Your prayers and/or positive wishes would mean the world to me!


12 thoughts on “Come Home, Snowflakes, Come Home

  1. Congratulations – how exciting!

    Our second daughter was from a 2 day embryo grown to blastocyst, we have the most amazing photo of a perfect round blastocyst just starting to hatch.

    Good luck, I hope the same happens for you.


  2. Wow! It is an enormously emotional time for the parents of a daughter who is going through so much to bring a child into the world. I also am excited, scared, anxious, afraid. I know that you have to try to bring your snowflakes home and I hope that you will find comfort in the fact that you did all you could.
    As for now – I will celebrate the journey with you and be giddy with excitement that you could soon be pregnant again. I will be excited to meet my next grandchild – anxious for the time to come when we’re rushing to the hospital even though the birth is hours away… God gave you a miracle called Aellyn and he gave you THREE snowflakes that you will honor and bring home. And you will be thankful for the opportunity We will love and be with you and DH all the way.


  3. So glad you shared this news with us and very excited for you! My own snowflakes are always in my thoughts and I’m hoping some will be coming home soon too. You and your precious snowflakes will also be in my thoughts at this time and I’d be honoured to be part of your FET team. 🙂


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