Sunday Surf! (better late than never?)

What?  It is Monday?  Oh man.  I’m so behind!  We’ve had quite a week here and I’m quite behind on my Google Reader so I’m sure there will be more next week when I catch up!  Here is some of the great stuff I read this week!  You can always see what I’m reading at my Google Reader Public Page. Visit Authentic Parenting and Hobo Mama for more Sunday Surfing!

  • Calling It Quits on Prenatal Madness from Escaping To My Happy Place – I love this article.  It encapsulates how I felt about gestational diabetes.  If I get pregnant again I’m not sure what I’ll do but I think that the way women are treated during pregnancy about their blood sugar is awful.  I think it is in part a problem that this next article misses…
  • Obese Mothers a Burden on Hospital Resources – from – This article cites statistics about overweight women having more interventions but never questions that it might NOT be due to their weight.  How are OBs and Hosptials treating overweight women?  Are they assuming their babies will be oversized?  Are they assuming their blood sugar will be high?

Sorry so sparse!  More next week!

Also, in a bizarre twist of the universe my blog was ranked #1 on Technorati for Family blogs!  I took a screen shot since I’m sure it is fleeting!


3 thoughts on “Sunday Surf! (better late than never?)

  1. You deserve it!

    And I’m glad you came and Sunday surfed, even if it was a day late! 🙂

    As for the obese women article, I am so glad I had midwifery care during my pregnancy. They never made me step on a scale, not once. There was no expectation that my weight put me in a category of concern. When I passed the first (easy) GD test, that was that. And it was my choice to take the test or not, which I debated but decided eventually it was better to know. I’m glad in hindsight I did, because I ended up giving birth in the hospital to such a heavy baby that all the nurses were asking me and pretty much assuming I had GD; it was nice to say (and have the midwives back me up), Nope. (And my baby was fine, too!)


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