Gentle Discipline Index and Sunday Surf

Before I get started with some amazing reads for today’s Sunday Surf I want to make some announcements regarding the Carnival of Gentle Discipline.  I talked earlier this week about how to continue the cause we started in April.  So here’s the deal:

Monthly Gentle Discipline Fair

  • Last Monday of every month (except April and October – where we will have a Carnival of Gentle Discipline)
  • You can submit your post or nominate another blogger for the Gentle Discipline Crème de la Crème Award.  I will also be scouring the blogosphere for posts.
  • There is no deadline – if your post doesn’t make it into that month’s Fair it will be in the next month’s.
  • All posts will be included in the Gentle Discipline Index!  I’m really excited about this.  I wanted a place where people could easily find all these great posts on gentle discipline topics.  With the new index you can search for a particular topic or sort by blogger to find the perfect post.  Try it out!

So, May 31 will be the first Gentle Discipline Fair and I have collected so many great posts already.  Submit your post or nominate someone else here.

Sunday Surf

This week I had two guest posts and Hobo Mama, Lauren’s writing blog.  They are about how to use FeedBurner to Maximize your blog.  I’m also working on one about how I use Google Reader for creating my Sunday Surf!

How to use FeedBurner to maximize your blog — Part 1: The basics

How to use FeedBurner to maximize your blog — Part 2: Advanced goodies

Here is some of the great stuff I read this week!  You can always see what I’m reading at my Google Reader Public Page. Visit Authentic Parenting for more Sunday Surfing!

  • no shots — @ Adventures in Babywearing – “Today we participated in a rally to bring awareness to parents, to everyone really, that you don’t have to vaccinate your children in order for them to attend school.”  This is so important to me.  I choose not to vaccinate but even if you do selectively or on a delayed schedule it is important to know your rights.
  • Looking Back on Thoughts of Being a Working Mom @ Mama Notes – Many of her feelings resonate with me. She is honest about the feelings regarding being a working mother.
  • Mothers shouldn’t have opinions @ PhD in Parenting – “I should be barefoot, pregnant and tied to the kitchen sink. Or, as they say here in Germany, “Kinder, Küche, Kirche” (children, kitchen, church). I should spend my entire day, every day, gazing adoringly into the eyes of my children. Or so they say.”
  • Sticking Up for Your Child @ Attachment Parenting International Blog – What do you think when someone else disciplines your child? The only thing I can think is “grrrr”
  • “If You Don’t Have This Baby By The Time My Shift Is Over, I’m Giving You A Cesarean Section.” @ My OB said WHAT?!? -Ok, I just found this site where you can submit crazy (or helpful) things your OB says.  Just crazy stuff!
  • Babies, the movie: A review in four cultures @ Hobo Mama – I so want to see this movie. If you can’t then live vicariously through Hobo Mama.
  • Aftermath @ Eclectic Effervescence – Oh my goodness, April. You said everything in my heart. There are lots of what IFs in the life of an infertile in recovery.
  • In case you needed another reason to be disgusted by Woody Allen @ Feministe – Pete, this is why: “And now Allen is (again!) standing up for Roman Polanksi, after another actress came forward and said Polanski raped her when she was a teenager. According to Allen, Polanski is “an artist and is a nice person” who “did something wrong and he paid for it.” Except (a) nice people don’t rape 14-year-old girls; (b) even if Polanksi is really really nice and saves kittens on the weekends, that isn’t a Get Away With Rape Free card; (c) neither is being an artist; I mean, John Wayne Gacy was a clown, so, great guy, they should definitely have let him go; and (d) Polanski actually has not paid for what he did wrong. Unless by “he paid for it” you mean “he won numerous awards, made hundreds of millions of dollars, had a long and successful career, but couldn’t enter the United States and for a few months was not allowed to leave his enormous Swiss chateau.” In that case, ok yeah, he paid for it. Can I be a criminal and face the same kind of punishment as Polanski, please?”
  • Breastfeeding Advocacy Commercials @ Bellies and Babies -Beautiful!
  • packaging girlhood… @ living peacefully with children – Book review Packaging Girlhood, Sharon Lamb and Lyn Mikel Brown
  • Us vs Them @ Authentic Parenting – Excellent. Reminds me of Piaget and his stages of moral development. Seeing only black and white is an immature morality.
  • On Working Moms @ School teacher by day, Superhero by night – I’m probably going to have to devote a whole post to this. This is so exactly how I feel sometimes.  “Try to sneak out of the house before the toddler wakes up, because as much as you want to see him, you know it’s easier if you leave while they’re asleep. Hear toddler. Happily hug him, knowing it makes it harder to leave. Give him jelly beans for breakfast because it’s much easier to say yes than to start a temper tantrum before you have to leave. Those break your heart more than anything.  Drive away. Swallow the lump in your throat as both boys press themselves up against the door…Open arms to accept baby, who is now waylaid by the kids from the school bus who now wants to hug him. Consider pushing them out of the way because he is YOUR baby and you have missed him more. Grit teeth. Finally get baby in arms. Smell his head for a minute straight. Hate that both boys smell like the sitter’s house.”

The Anti-surf.  Ok, these are two articles that you might want to read or comment on that are getting Gentle Discipline way wrong (also check out my critique of Rightthinker’s post: Getting It Wrong: What Gentle Discipline Is Not !)


4 thoughts on “Gentle Discipline Index and Sunday Surf

  1. thank you for the index!
    what a great resource…
    i really appreciate the effort you’ve made to make such a consolidated place to go for GREAT information and ideas…

    … and i love your blog!

    xo sara


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