Sunday Surf

Here is some of the great stuff I read this week!  You can always see what I’m reading at my Google Reader Public Page. Visit Authentic Parenting for more Sunday Surfing!

I am large in my skin
I make no apology
This belly grew a baby
Why should it be flat?
It curves with the memory of the womb.
These breasts fed a baby
Why should they be pert?
They swell with the memory of milk.
These hips carried a child
Why should they be slim?
They are full with the memory of life.
My bones are secret under flesh
My skin plump and white and fine
Mine is the face of Botticelli
Mine is the water of the Nile
Mine is the shape of things forbidden
Daughter of Gaia, grown beautiful and wild.

~ Lorri Barrier

  • Thoughts on Internet Privacy at – Excellent! I often wondered if I’m being risky by using my real name and I’m generally an open book online. Amber boils it down for us.
  • Listen, Facebook. It’s not you, it’s me. I want to break up. at Eclectic Effervescence – She points out the elephant in the room. We boycott companies. Why are we continuing our relationship (which is quite lucrative for FB) with Facebook despite their misogyny?
  • Taking It In at Mama-Om – This is one of my favorite bloggers. This post is an amazing example of being open to your child’s feelings. She stops herself from reacting and just reflects what her son says – and oh the things kids will say when we give them space to do so! This is a must read!
  • Lactating Fountains at peaceful parenting – I”d like to add this to my list of breatfeeding art! I love the Artemis with multiple breasts!

    Fontana di Diana Efesina-Tivoli, Italy

  • Tickle Me Not at Attachment Parenting International Blog – This is an amazing article. Tickling is only fun when it is completely consensual. Honestly this applies to “roughhousing” too. I’ve seen parents/adults push it past the point of enjoyment for the child.

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