Sunday Surf

Mamapoekie at Authentic Parenting started a great idea that I’d like to piggy back on.  I’ve been meaning to do some link round ups to highlight some of the amazing bloggers that inspire me.  And, of course, in blogging, everything is better when it is a “meme.”  Hence, Sunday Surf.  Head over to Authentic Parenting for Today’s Sunday Surf and to join in the surfing!

Tomorrow is the deadline for submissions to the Carnival of Gentle Discipline! Please take a moment to submit a post!  We are also looking for short parenting quotes/tips and past posts (by you or others) that are on the topic of Gentle Parenting!  The Carnival will run April 26 – 30!

Gentle Parent - art by Erika Hastings at

Fellow cyclesistas Carrie and Becky over at Eat, Poop, Love just welcomed their daughter Samantha!  Go read their birth story and congratulate them!

I have to admit I’m still reading through the Body Image Carnival posts (I’m on business travel right now) but here are a few I’ve read and loved:

You Can Never Tell About Anyone Just By Looking – Diana, guest posting at Breastfeeding Moms Unite, talks about the hidden truths of our bodies.

Big B, Little B, What Begins with B? – Code Name: Mama talks about the evolution of breasts.

We also had a wonderful Carnival of Natural Parenting recently.  We were looking for advice on a number of issues.  I was asking about talking my husband into Cloth Diapering and I got tons of great advice which I’ll be summarizing (for my husband) here.

I’ve been recently inspired to recommit to raising Aellyn bilingual.  Mama Om has a great post on a family Spanish class she’s taking and HoboMama turned me on to a free language community.  I signed up for the Spanish classes and they are wonderful! The community aspect has native speakers review your submissions.  I really can’t believe it is free!

I think that’s it for this week…Happy surfing!


7 thoughts on “Sunday Surf

    • You can join in! Can you get a post done by Friday? I’m on business travel this week so I should have just extended it anyways because I haven’t had a second to look at them!


  1. The birth story was so much like mine and I didn’t have a c/s. I was just afraid of everything that was going on. It was well written.


  2. What a great collection of things to read, thanks so much for including me!

    I’m sorry to have missed my chance to submit to the carnival (we have been out of town), but I look forward to reading the posts!!



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