Carnival of Gentle Discipline Call For Submissions…now with 100% more button!

Looking for the 2011 Carnival?  Click here!

This Carnival of Gentle Discipline for 2010 has already taken place!  Please check out all of the wonderful posts!

Day 1 – What Is Gentle Discipline

Day 2 – False Expectations, Positive Intentions, and Choosing Joy

Day 3 – Choosing Not To Spank

Day 4 – Creating a “Yes” Environment

Day 5 – Terrific Toddlers; Tantrums and All

April 30th is National Spank Out Day, USA!  In honor of this, Baby Dust Diaries will be hosting a week-long Carnival of Gentle Discipline April 26-30!

Gentle Discipline is one of the terms used to describe a parenting style that is unconditional and non-punitive both emotionally and physically.  This goes well beyond simply not spanking, although that is part of it.  Gentle Discipline is also called Positive Discipline by Attachment Parenting International (I prefer gentle discipline because positive discipline is also used to describe a classroom-based discipline style that differs slightly).

How can you participate?

There are lots of ways!

  1. Original Posts – Submit an original post on a Gentle Discipline topic (see below for ideas) to be posted on your blog during the week of the Carnival.  This should be a well-written, unpublished piece submitted by April 19th using the submission form. You will receive instructions on when to post and footer information to include in your post.  I will be grouping posts by topic to debut on different days through out the week so you may submit multiple posts and they will be listed on a different day between April 26 and 30th.  (There are also prizes, see below)
  2. Crème de la Crème – As part of the Carnival we want to round up all the best of the best posts about Gentle Discipline that are already out there.  Submit a link to your favorite previously-published post (by you or another blogger) using our suggestion form.  The links will also be shared throughout the week of the Carnival.  You can submit multiple posts.
  3. 411 Tips! –  Each day I will be tweeting non-punitive parenting quotes and tips from authors and parents.  If you have a short (140 character) tip on how you practice gentle discipline submit on the 411 Tip! form.  Don’t forget to include your twitter name so I can credit you!

Oh, yeah, and PRIZES!  All of the Original Posts that are part of the Carnival will be entered to win the 2010 Carnival of Gentle Discipline Essay Contest.  The best part?  YOU get to decide who wins by voting on your favorite posts during the Carnival!  The winner and runners-up will receive awesome blog bling and a spectacular product prize to be announced later.

A Carnival and a Crusade

Carnivals are, of course, fun but this one can be so much more.  Getting the word out about the dangers of punitive discipline and about the valuable alternatives that exist can make a difference in the life of children everywhere.  You can use your blog posts and the Carnival posts to spread the word!  Tweet the Carnival (#CarGD and/or #gentlediscipline) post it on Facebook and get the word out.  The more people who read about Gentle Discipline the more likely that we can change on child’s life for the better.

Post Ideas

You can write about any topic related to Gentle Discipline (GD) but here are some ideas;
  • Your childhood experience with/without GD
  • Why you choose GD with your kids
  • GD during difficult situations
  • Societal/family pressure to spank or give time outs
  • Creating a “yes” environment
  • Using time-in instead of time-out
  • The dangers of praise
  • Respecting children’s feelings
  • Discipline through play

This is just a sample.  Feel free to post on any related topic!  Topics prohibited include spanking, corporal punishment, love-withdrawal, positive conditioning, parent-forced time-outs, withholding of basic care such as food, etc.

Please spread the word about the Carnival!  The more participants we have to stronger the cry for Gentle Discipline!  I’m a tiny blog in a big pond!  Help me get the word out!

Celebrate Gentle Parenting during the Carnival of Gentle Discipline April 26-30, 2010
Submissions due April 19, 2010
Grab the button!

Gentle Parent - art by Erika Hastings at

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11 thoughts on “Carnival of Gentle Discipline Call For Submissions…now with 100% more button!

  1. @mampoekie – flood me flood me! I’m so afraid no one will respond, lol!Looking forward to reading all of your submissions! (hint hint)


  2. I am totally inspired and am going to put together something this evening as my contribution. Thank you so much for a brilliant suggestion. I’m looking forward to being part of this community 🙂


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  6. @babydust I’m submitting the post although I haven’t added the links I want yet. But it’s 2:40am PDT, and I’ve a sleeping kid in my arms.


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