April Is Here! Poetry, Child Abuse Prevention, Earth Day, and My 11th Anniversary!

Happy April Fool’s Day.  In my house this is a more important day since 11 years ago I married my wonderful husband.  Eleven years!  Unbelievable.  We are having a not-spending-any-money anniversary so I wrote my hubby a corny little poem.  Hey, honey, only 39 years to go! 😛

April has so many other things going on and I’m looking forward to bloggin them thoughout the month:

National Poetry Month

I am going to review several books of poetry for children as well as some of the research on the arts, like music and poetry, on child development.

National Child Abuse Prevention Month

I had a disturbing awakening in February when I realized that spanking is much more prevalent than I thought.  I’ve gotten over my inital shock and disappointment and have decided to start blogging more about Gentle Discipline.  Gentle Discipline is my preferred term for non-violent, non-punitive, positive discipline.  It works.  It works without hitting.  It works on a bigger scale without hitting.  Did I mention there is no  hitting?  Let me convince you there is another way!

Earth Day

Earth Day turns 40 this year.  In Ohio, April is when Spring finally comes out to say hi (not that Winter doesn’t overstay his welcome from time to time even into May).  I plan to celebrate Earth Day all month long with personal enviro-challenges (you could join me!) and some tips on raising a nature loving toddler.  I’m also going to do some more crafts that incorporate reusing and recycling – some for toddlers and some with toddlers!

Information Professionals Month (and National Library Week)

Ha!  Bet you didn’t know this one!  April is also the month where you can celebrate your local Libraries and Librarians!  And, guess what?  Using the Library is a great act of REUSE so it celebrates the Earth too.  I plan to bore you senseless with a post about the importance of information literacy and how Google is a search engine NOT a truth engine.

I’m also so excited about the Carnival of Natural Parenting on April 13 on Parenting Advice and the Body Image Carnival April 12-19! 

What a month!  So, looking forward to sharing it with you!

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