Snowed in!

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This week’s topic:

Here in Cleveland we are snowed in but everywhere has days where cabin fever can creep in.  What are your favorite indoor activities to do with your kids?

Granted, with a one year old (!!) we don’t play outside as much as with older kids but I still try to find fun things to do indoors for Aellyn.  This “game” is great for kids around Aellyn’s age since textures and placing things “into” and taking things “out of” is a great time!  It helps them develop fine motor skills and depth perception.

Water -n- Rocks

A tempered Glass bowl (a heavy bowl so it doesn’t tip over and shatter proof so that the rocks don’t break it)
Rocks (I’m a huge collector of rocks so these were from the shores of Lake Erie)
A lighter weight bowl that the child can pick up/ manipulate.

Fill the glass bowl with the rocks and just enough water to cover them.  You might have to show them what to do once but then they will enjoy taking the rocks out of the water and putting them into the other bowl.  Splashing the water is an added bonus!

Your carpet will get wet but it will dry and it is worth the fun!  (sorry for the sideways video – tip your head and enjoy!)

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5 thoughts on “Snowed in!

  1. This is an excellent tool to use for helping clean up toys. It usually turns into you putting in and baby taking out – but it will be the beginnings of making clean up fun. A regular time for cleaning up like before lunch or before starting another activity is a great idea. Just don’t expect it to stay cleaned up.


  2. Your daughter is a fantastic model! What a great game for that age. I love it! My girls are too old for that now but I know some of the kids in my daycare would enjoy this.


  3. She is just too adorable!! We used to do something similar with blocks for Livi, but I really love the idea of the rocks and the water! I will definitely be using it with V 🙂


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