Happy Birthday Aellyn

One Year Old!  Can you believe it?  I simply can’t.  DH and I have both battled the worst stomach bug this week so today felt anticlimactic.  We’ve just been praying that she didn’t get the virus (knock on wood, she seems to be doing fine – go boob juice antibodies!).  I had so many plans about the post I would write on this important day but now I find myself … exhausted!

We did get our butts in gear enough to record her height on our Eric Carle growth chart and to do a hand impression.  Her 1 year appointment was Monday so her stats are:

Height: 29.75 inches
Weight: 21.1 pounds

So she’s in the 70th percentile for both.  She’s so cute and so smart.  She learns things so easily just from showing her once or twice she can mimic you.  She says lots of sounds but no real words yet.  The cutest thing is that she gives kisses.  She constantly walks around puckered up.  She looks like she’s doing Blue Steel.

I also had a post planned for Valentine’s Day about my darling husband and how fun it is to be a parent with him.  How loving Aellyn together makes our loving each other so much sweeter.

I planned to write how wonderful it is to see my mom and dad be grandparents and my sister be an aunt at last.

I planned to write about my fellow sisters that don’t have their child yet and how I hope before Aellyn is two they have their little dreams come true because they all deserve it so much.

I planned to write what a joy it has been to make new friends through mommy boards and activities.  What a wonderful group of women I’ve the honor to be part of.

I planned to Thank God for blessing the World with this little light for truly the World can only be better with her in it.

I planned to be eloquent.

Now, I just plan to go to bed.

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