What Is Your Child’s Favorite and Least Favorite Food(s)?

This is the first post of the new weekly blog hop for AntiDramaMama Bloggers!  Your are welcome to join in even if you aren’t part of the ADM group.  The purpose of this blog hop is to give bloggers a gentle push to post more by providing weekly themes and questions as prompts for writing.  Of course, visiting each others’ blogs and commenting is a plus!  Each Wednesday I will post a topic (please recommend a topic as well!), write your answer on your blog and then link your post here in the Mcklinky below.  If you are not a blogger feel free to answer the question in the comments section at the end of the post.

Today’s topic is a nice easy one to get us started:  What Is Your Child’s Favorite and Least Favorite Food(s).  Are you happy about it?  How do you encourage a more diverse palate?  

Aellyn’s favorite food – bar none – is mandarin oranges.  The girl eats so much that her poo has oranges in it.  In general she loves fruits of all kind.  I don’t think she’s ever left a piece of fruit on her plate – apricots, pears, apples, peaches, etc.  Pineapple gave her a little of a diaper rash so we don’t do those anymore but not because she didn’t gobble it down!

Least favorite?  The only food that Aellyn just completely ignored on her plate was cauliflower.  I have to admit that I don’t like cauliflower cooked either – only raw.  I really can’t complain because she eats tons of other veggies!  Asparagus, broccoli, peas, sweet potato, etc.

I’m really happy with how diverse her palate is.  She eats everything we eat each night so she’s had salmon, shrimp, chicken, beef, ravioli, lasagna, beans, grilled cheese…she has eaten everything we’ve given her except ham, which was too tough (it was a ham steak not a cooked whole ham which is much more tender) and the aforementioned cauliflower.  She literally sings and dances while she eats.  Eating is a fun game for her!  I’m so glad she’s heading into the toddler years with a good attitude toward food and eating.  Over all I”m so glad I found out about Baby-led Weaning.  My only regret is that she doesn’t get as much yogurt and cottage cheese as I would like (since both are hard/impossible to eat without a spoon – see evidence below of Miss Cottage Cheese Face).  All in all I’m so glad that I’ve never had to sit and spoon feed her and she is so engaged in her own eating process.  I hope it carries through her toddler years!

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7 thoughts on “What Is Your Child’s Favorite and Least Favorite Food(s)?

  1. Yay, can’t wait to participate. Hopefully I’ll have time tonight! 🙂
    Oh, and Ian doesn’t like cauliflower either. Go figure.


  2. I’m such an incredibly picky eater myself that I’m afraid I don’t make much of an effort to promote a diverse palate for my kids. However, so far, Cole seems to gobble down whatever I put in front of him. Gray, on the other hand, echos all my many food aversions — which, honestly, doesn’t bother me.


  3. Thanks for setting this up Paige!
    I’m glad she has such a diverse palate that she has tried and enjoyed. Sometimes I think my DH is right (don’t tell him I said that though!) and we should diversify what we eat here.


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