Aellyn at 11 Months

The wise man, Qui-Gon Jinn* said, “The ability to speak does not make you intelligent.”  It also doesn’t make you unintelligent.  I’m so amazed at the things Aellyn knows and can do.  Here’s a sampling of what she can do at 11 months.

  • Her vocabulary of understanding is impressive considering she has no verbal words yet.
    • sleepies (bed time at night)
    • nappies (nap time)
    • num-nums (with the sign for eat)
    • boobie (with the sign for milk)
    • no – her favorite game
    • nose – she can point to it on us, in a book, and on a doll
    • belly – only her own for whatever reason but she points to it
    • gentle – if she pulls my hair and I say gentle she pats my hair then
    • touchdown – she does the sign for it
    • bye bye – she waves
    • high five – she gives ’em
    • kisses – she LOVES these although they are open mouthed and wet
    • yeah! – she claps when you say this
    • b.b., bink, or binky
    • doggies or sometimes we call them her brothers
    • duck
  • She can put a shape through the corresponding hole in her bath whale toy.  She doesn’t always have the dexterity to align it right but she seems to always go for the right shaped hole.
  • She still needs to hold on to something or someone to walk but with that she is FEARLESS – she just goes full speed!
  • She opens her book and starts to babble in a sing-song way.  She’s mimicking the exagerated way I read her books!  She know that inside those cardboard pages there is a story.  Shows how much reading to her is setting the stage for later reading.
  • She loves to be hung upside down.  We did not teach her this.  She just throws herself back and you better be ready!
  • She loves her brothers, Jaster and Sagan
  • She loves the water (and look at that thigh pudge!)
  • I made her a tutu!  It was so easy and fun and look how darn cute!
I am having so much fun!  She is so sweet and pure and content.  She teaches me to live in the moment and that you can never have too many hugs and kisses.
I love you Aellyn.

*Yes, it is a Star Wars quote.  Yes I am a geek.

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4 thoughts on “Aellyn at 11 Months

  1. Darling pictures. What a gorgeous little girl!

    The dog looks so much like my little Piper-dog who passed away this last June it made me catch my breath. How I miss her. Give yours an extra hug tonight from me and pet her fluffy fur. 🙂


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