My Daughter Has Eczema – my plan of attack

Aellyn developed a rash on both her arms so I went to the pediatrician today.  This is our first ever pediatrician visit for an ailment of any kind.  My *guess* was eczema but I’m really sensitive to skin issues since my sister has severe psoriatic arthritis.  I was right – eczema.

WHATEVER YOU DO – DO NOT do a google image search for baby eczema.  :`(

(why did you click that link?  I told you not to!)

The doctor recommended OTC steroid cream.  I would certainly try that but I want to try a more natural remedy first that doesn’t have the side effects of cortisone.  Dr. Mercola has a great 5 minute video segment on treatment for eczema.  The last minute also talks about the side effects of cortisone – primarily that it develops a tolerance and always requires stronger and stronger doses.

I went to my friendly neighborhood “hippy” store called New Earth and got the following items:

I’m hoping not to have to quit swimming classes.  Unfortunately, there isn’t a salt water pool for 100 miles.  I am going to rinse us off with lukewarm water instead of hot since the hot water just opens up the pores and lets more chlorine in and NOT use soap at that time; coconut oil right after.
Wish me luck!  I’m not against using allopathic medicine if necessary but I would much prefer a gentler solution if it works.  

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7 thoughts on “My Daughter Has Eczema – my plan of attack

  1. Hello – I am so sorry to hear about your daughter’s eczema. I know how difficult that can be – for the whole family! A key element, we’ve found, in dealing with infant eczema is protecting the baby’s delicate skin from constant scratching. One trick to this is using clothing that has covered hands. You also want it to be organic cotton – soft and breathable. Sock Monkeys Clothing offers such clothing for this specific purpose. Our website also has other tips to consider – Please let us know if we can help in any way.We wish peace and comfort to you and yours.Sock Monkeys Clothing


  2. My 6 month old also has exzema and the pedi said to use cortisone…instead, i switched to bathing him only every other day Iwas doing every day) and lotioning him up morning and night (was doing it only after baths). I already use natural/gentle products on him. I also started putting his diaper cream on his exzema occasionally. It’s called Angel Baby Bottom Balm and is made of natural oils (cloth diaper compatible). These small changes have greatly improved his condition. His cheeks were bright read and now look normal.


  3. my only granddaughter has eczema and her only grandfather has to hear about in on the World Wide Web someone has some splainin to do and if you don’t want people to follow a link than don’t put a link there, i’m sorry i followed it.


  4. Sounds like a good plan!! Is it wrong that I secretly hope chlorine bugs Aellyn so you can come back to Kindermusik on Sat mornings and you can go back to swimming when she’s a little older and perhaps her skin isn’t so sensitive???heheheheheh ok ok just kidding…kinda 😉 We’ll miss you guys but I really hope that your treatments give her some relief!


  5. The first step in treating eczema is to identify the precipitating event or trigger and avoid it if possible! You may not see an immediate improvement, but if you are going to successfully treat eczema, it is important to break the cycle! Some tips to take in attention are Avoid situations that will make your baby sweat — don’t pile on blankets or put her in a blanket sleeper. Cut cows’ milk, eggs, citrus fruits, and peanut products from her diet.


  6. Hey, Im on the AP board you just joined 🙂 Cool blog! Anyhow, get yourself some Udo’s oil, its AMAZING! They should sell it at any health food store. Cleared up my son’s in three days! I posted about it in the “health” section on the boards!HTHs,Whitney


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