My Kindermusik Kid

Aellyn had her first swim lesson this morning (super fun).  She was overdue for her nap and hence wasn’t a happy camper in the changing room afterwards when I was trying to get her bundled up to brave the Ohio winter.  To distract her I did what I always do:  I sang.  I started singing The Wheels On the Bus, a song we’ve been singing since she was 4 months old and first started Kindermusik.  I was about half way through the verse with “the windows on the bus go up and down…” and she started raising her hands up and down!  I  couldn’t believe it!  I kept singing “the doors on the bus go open and shut…”  She started moving her arms left and right!  I was just so amazed!  It seemed odd because we haven’t even sung that song recently. I just goes to show how everything we do is being absorbed by our kids even if it takes their bodies time to master the skills to show us.


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2 thoughts on “My Kindermusik Kid

  1. What songs did they sing during swimming? In the class Amari was in, they sang wheels on the bus during class….and their bodies did the movements….much fun!!!!


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