Resolutions for 2010

Ah, resolutions!  I LOVE goal setting so New Year’s resolutions are fun for me.  I don’t feel normal if I’m not working on a current projects.  So, without further ado…my 2010 Resolutions:


  1.  5k in ’10!  My major goal for 2010 is to run the Tallmadge Memorial 5k on May 31, 2010!  Usually people say “I want to lose weight” or “be healthy.”  These never work for me because  they just aren’t tangible enough for me.  I’m really excited about achieving this goal!  I used to be a well-honed dancer and I’m excited to harness the power of my body again.  Of course, the side-effect will hopefully be a thinner body and a healthier one as well.  I’ll be keeping up with my goals by joining Mama Notes in the Body After Baby Challenge!
    • Goal:  Run without walking 3.3 miles by May 31.
    • Plan:  Work out 5 days per week.  We joined the local natitorium and plan on doing water fitness on Tue/Thur (we even got a babysitter) and I’ll be doing yoga on Mondays.  On the other two days I plan to work on the Couch 2 5K plan via the iPhone app.  It is a 9 week program but I’m really out of shape so I’ll do each week until I can achieve the goals and then move on.  I have more time than 9 weeks.
    • Countdownr

  2. Live on a Budget and Save $.  So my specific goals here I won’t detail but we are going to use to learn to budget better.  I’m also looking at and I’ll eventually do a review of each program.
  3. Go Google.  Ok, this is for work and home.  I’m a tool junkie and it doesn’t really help me stay organized.  Even now I’m thinking how Google is awesome but I love Remember the Milk and Springpad?  Bestill my heart.  Anyways I need to stop playing with new tools and organize my online life using one tool.  Google with mail, calendar, todo, and documents seems like the best solution plus I can sync it to my iphone which I can’t do with my work email.  
  4. Family.  Monthly date night.  Vacation in July.  
  5. Spirituality.  Go to church consistently.  Pray more often.  Do daily devotionals.  
That’s it!  What are your Goals for 2010?

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