Aellyn’s First Christmas

Aren’t those cute?  We had a wonderful first christmas!  We spent it at my Mom and Dad’s house since my Grandpa was still in the hospital (he came home on Saturday though, yeah!!).  We woke up and had breakfast first.  DH made crepes, which was a first for most of my family.  He would rather have a crepe than a pancake, can’t say I’d agree but they were good.
I got a mommy bracelet from DH and a necklace with Aellyn’s picture engraved on it.  Both are simply beautiful!

Aellyn had fun too mostly with Grandpa’s remotes, but with these cool old-fashioned wooden blocks too.

Here’s Aellyn with Aunt Mandi and Grandma at the restaurant.

Aellyn and Grandpa at dinner.

And here is our wonderful little family.


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