Christmas Crisis

So today my grandpa went to the emergency room with a really bad infection in his toe. He has diabetes and really bad circulation and has already had his big toe removed. Now, this is the 2nd toe. I really don’t understand why it is infected but obviously the low circulation makes the infection fester. He has to have the toe removed on Wednesday. All in all he is feeling fine (he can’t really feel the pain even though his leg is red and swollen to the knee).

The more difficult problem is that he takes care of grandma and she needs 24 hour care because she has advanced Alzheimer’s disease. She is also insulin-dependent diabetic and can’t remember… well, anything…so she really can’t take care of herself at all. Consequently my mom had to take the week off to take care of her and she has to do it without pay. No one can really help because no one has any work leave either. I used all mine for maternity leave this year. 

I know it could all be so much worse, right?  I’m so glad I have 3 grandparents and that everyone is ok.  I’m most worried about my mom since she takes on all the responsibility – taking care of grandma and grandpa while also making sure all of our holiday plans go off.  We are going to change our plans to be at her house instead of mine but that’s ok – Christmas all together is all that matters to me.


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