We had a wonderful Thanksgiving vacation to visit the inlaws in Alabama.  We had such a wonderful time.  Aellyn was great in the car and she got her second tooth the day before Thanksgiving.  She was a crawling fool and was pulling up to standing on anything or anyone that would stand still long enough!

I want to say hallelujah to Ohio for outlawing smoking in restaurants.  You kind of take for granted that you can eat a meal with your family without breathing poison.  We stopped in Kentucky to eat and ended up eating in the grass behind the restaurant because there wasn’t a non-smoking section.  Nasty.  Boo on KY.

Driving with Daddy:


This was Aellyn’s Thanksgiving outfit:

Here are some other cute pictures.  Aellyn helping put up the Christmas Tree:

Aellyn visiting Santa.  Some things never change, like how damn cute she is!


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