Pull My Hair Baby!

So last night I was awakened by a sharp tug to the hair on the back of my head.  Either DH was making an ill-timed and clumsy sexual advance or my recently un-swaddled daughter decided to have a midnight manual dexterity demonstration!  Ouch.  The perils of co-sleeping!

So last night was day 5 of Aellyn getting her right to bear arms.  Mostly it is wonderful.  If possible, she is even cuter curled on her side or lying on her belly than she was wrapped up!  Now that she has her arms she reaches out for me more.  She likes to sleep with her hand on me somewhere.  I don’t blame her I like to sleep with my hand on her too!  She pats my breast while we nurse.  Sigh.  Life is bliss.

Help me welcome beautiful IVF miracles Finley and Zane!