Lab Sisters

Today at Kindermusik class I met a fellow blogger who was one of my Cycle Sistas in May of 2008. Her daughter is only a few days younger than Aellyn and, since we went to the same fertility clinic, Aellyn and this other baby have been *friends* since they were created! They’re lab sisters!

It was so cool to meet this mother. I mean meeting someone you know from cyberspace is always kind of neat. For some reason I view other bloggers as being from somewhere else. Like Someplace Exotic, CA or Fabulous City, NYC. It is a little surreal to find out a fellow blogger is from suburban North East Ohio! It is also cool to meet other IVF mamas. There is this instant comradarie that, more than other moms, this person *gets* it. However, meeting a cycle sista – someone who’s blog I read daily while we mutually injected ourselves with hormones and waited on pins and needles for beta results – is amazing! It is like we were part of the same miracle and our babies both started their lives in this land of magic and science that is like the halls of vahalla in my mind (I mean I don’t picture a “lab” it is more like this misty etherworld where angels make babies, lol). I hope that Aellyn can be friends with this baby as she grows up. What a great story it would make!

It is also amazing how different babies of different sizes are. I mean, at this age the difference between the 70th and 30th percentile is very noticible. Some babies Aellyn’s age are crawling (go congratulate Mama Notes on having a crawling baby!) already and some older than her aren’t. The one thing they all have in common is that they love looking at each other. They clearly have an inate sense that “this person is like me.” That is probably one of my favorite things about Kindermusik. Besides the song and dance and mommy and me bonding time, Aellyn is exposed to other little babies. If you live in NE Ohio, I really can’t recommend Kindermusik enough! In this economy it sounds expensive and like a luxury but I can tell you it is very worth the money! Visit Kindermusik at Wester Reserve for class times – it isn’t too late to start (a little birdie told me they have a new website on the way soon!).


5 thoughts on “Lab Sisters

  1. That is so cool! Lab sisters love it! Oh and thanks so much for your comment, I am not sure how my dr feels about 3 day vs 5 day, we have done both.


  2. That is fun.

    M, the doc’s daughter (my office) is close to Aellyn’s age. M was born 2.20. She is crawling now & is much happier now that she is moving. She was rather cranky when she was younger. It is amazing how very very fast they grow. 🙂


  3. This is very cool! I would love to see Aellyn in this class. They should have Grandma day. And Congrats to the “little birdie”


  4. I love this post! Let’s make sure that they know eachother! Maybe we can make sure they have siblings the same age, too. 😉


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