Aellyn Laughed

My good friend pointed out to me yesterday that the Baby Dust Diaries were a bit on the Dusty side lately!  Quite right but it is great to know someone reads my ramblings!

I’ve been really busy because I’m working on an awesome project at work.  However, this has been the Worst. Week. Ever.

I missed the first Kindermusik class because I just spaced on my email for…a long time.  I’m having the most terrible time at work with this woman I work with.  She is just acting in a very unprofessional and vindictive manner.  This is nothing new for her but I let her bait me yesterday and I sent an email I regret.  Then today I had a horrible meeting with my boss.  It is just like one of those times when you are sailing high – having fun producing quality work – and BAM!  You find out you actually suck and no one thinks you are focusing on the right things.

I guess that’s all the detail I can give in blog form but it is just really sucky. I just want to do a good job and go home and enjoy my family.  I don’t want to think about work when I’m home but I do want to enjoy what I do and feel fulfilled from it.   Sigh.

Anyways, I came home to a bright-eyed beautiful baby girl.  She giggled for the first time.  I mean, she’s been making “sounds of humor” but I wouldn’t call it real laughter.  More of a breathy grunt of fun.  Tonight she giggled!  It shamed choirs of angels.  It made Celine Dion sound like an old lady dragging her fingers down a chalkboard in an alley of feral cats.  Stab your eyes out beautiful.  I hugged her and cried.  I just had such an awful, stressful day and Aellyn was my Sun.



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  1. I can’t wait to hear her laugh. I predict she will have a life full of laughter and happiness. She has every reason to love life. You both are doing a great job.


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