Felt Play Food – I like to sew after all!

So, I’m not a seamstress.  My mom is amazing.  Like make a wedding dress amazing.  Like she made clothes for her Barbies with kick pleats amazing.  Me not so much.  It is too time consuming and requires too much accuracy.  This is why I would rather cook than bake. Cooking is like art – a dash of this, a pinch of that.  Baking?  You better get the exact amount of baking soda (or is that powder?) or pppjbbtttt.  I always thought sewing was like baking.  Exact cutting, measuring (yuck!), and straight perfect lines.

Then I saw the Felt Play Food craze currently rocking through crafting circles and I thought “I can do that!”  Turns out I was right.  This type of sewing is very seat of your pants.  It has less worry because if you mess up it isn’t like you might loose your skirt in the middle of a meeting.  Plus, it is really more artistic – free form even.  Shape your food like you think it would look – no pattern required.

PLUS!  You get the pride of having your daughter play with a toy you made!  Maybe I’m more domestic than I thought?

If I can do this anyone can.  Google Felt Play Food for lots of examples and tutorials.  Here is what I’ve done:

From Left: A bag of ruffled potato chips, a sunny-side up fried egg, two pancakes with syrup and butter, and a carrot.

Here’s a close up of the pancake.  Two pieces of tan felt sewn and reversed by cutting a small slit in the middle (which is covered up by the syrup).  The syrup is attached using needle felting* and the pat of butter is two pieces of pale yellow felt with a zig zag stitch.  The butter is then attached with needle felting.  You could make them separate for older kids to stack on their own.  For me this is mostly a chew toy for now so I attached them permanently.

This is my carrot.  Just a triangle of orange felt sewed and reversed then gathered at the top.  The leaf is two colors of green felt with needle felting used to pop the contrast color through (and keep the layers together).  This is then hand sewn into the top of the carrot.

Here’s an egg.  You can see how totally crappy my sewing skills are but it still turns out to be a cute toy!  This is two white pieces of felt sewn and reversed through a small slit that will be hidden by the yolk.  Hand sew the yolk and stuff it with polyfill right before you finish the stitches.

Ok, this one was my favorite.  The magenta stripe on the blue bag and the yellow medallion that says “Chips” are both attached with needle felting.  The chips have vertical lines to make them look ruffled.  You could also sew around the edge to have non-ruffled chips.  I just wrote Chips with a Sharpie but you should probably use fabric paint.  Also, note how crappy my vertical lines are on some of the chips but it still looks good.  Gotta love imprecise sewing working!

*Needle felting is just the coolest thing ever.  It is a no sew way to work with felt that is unique to felt (synthetic or wool).  Watch this video about what needle felting is.  She is using roving, or loose wool, but the same technique applies to sheets of felt.


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